Girgarre is fortunate to be one of six communities awarded a Regional Arts Victoria project grant to engage in the SMALL TOWNS TRANSFORMATION initiative ~ 'an ambitious adventure that puts artistic practice at the centre of community life'.​


Coined 'The Girgarre Revival' this project has lifted the town's spirit and createt an audible and lasting identity for the community and its residents.

People from across the district and state have explored common ground and connection to place through sound while also developing new skills and fostering talents in sound expression.

The project has featured works developed by the people of Girgarre in collaboration with internationally renowned artists.


The renowned Graeme Leak  participated in an extensive artist in residence program in Girgarre. He was the creator of the Winton Musical Fence which attracts thousands of travellers annually.


Graeme worked with the community to develop instruments and installations from reclaimed materials and other peoples junk, with the official  launch along

with our soundshell on April 21st 2018.


He set up a Music Supermarket in the former Supermarket building, attracting equal donations of junk and treasure that formed the basis of a junkestra.

Graeme formed a lasting bond with the community and will continue his relationship with Girgarre long into the future.

Read more at Graeme's blog:


Gloria Loughman is a celebrated 

fabric and quilt artist. From the Bellarine Peninsula, Gloria travels the world hosting fabric art and quilting workshops, exhibiting her work and curating exhibitions.


She led a series of four workshops with the Girgarre Quilting Group to design and create a beautiful 5 paneled quilt - The Fabric of Girgarre: Past, Present and Future located in the Girgarre Memorial Hall. 

Read more at Gloria's site:


Robin Fox - is a leading Australian audio-visual artist working across live performance,

exhibitions, public art projects and designs for contemporary dance. His laser works which synchronize sound and visual electricity in hyper-amplified 3D space have been performed in over 50 cities worldwide.


Robin is the artist behind the Giant Theremin which is currently on loan to Girgarre from the City of Melbourne and he will be working on a number of other temporary installations within the township.

Robin conducted a world-premiere performance of his new composition "The Great Girgarre Constellation" live at Girgarre Memorial Hall in June 2018.

The community developed their skills through a series of artist-led sound, language and performance workshops, focused on the transformation of salvaged materials into musical instruments and sound installations which will be used to form a community orchestra.

Activities were located in the ex-supermarket which became a music making and playing ‘shed’.  The community dropped in and worked on their creations, attended workshops and music skills classes.

One of the projects key features is the creation of The Gargarro Soundshell ~ an exciting new outdoor performance space that will be a lasting legacy celebrating the audible sound of a community spirit rising. 


This is located within the planned Gargarro Gardens precinct ~ a unique and world class botanical installation celebrating our indigenous flora and precious water resources.





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