Girgarre Community Cottage

27 Olympic Street,

Girgarre Vic 3624

+613 5854 6482

0438 546 237

+ 613 5854 6371

Loraine Warde

Carol Ohlin

Opening Hours

Mondays 10am to 1pm

Wednesdays 10am to 1pm

About 2002 the aging community car needed replacing as soon as possible. There were no existing funds for this purpose and attempts to secure funding for the project had been unproductive. A fund was established with very few ideas how to achieve the goal.  


The nursery happened quite by accident. The first fund raising effort was a car boot sale which although successful and well supported yielded meagre returns. For the second car boot sale Carol Ohlin potted up a few succulents and from this enterprise our nursery grew.  She had a couple of regular loyal customers who purchased plants from her home who are still supporting Green Thumbs Nursery today.


In 2005, shortly after the Development Group started the Farmers Market a craft section was added and Carol was invited to coordinate. She saw an opportunity for regular sales and greater fundraising through holding a plant stall at each monthly market.


However it fast became too big for her to manage from home so with support from the committee a nursery was established at The Girgarre Cottage. A year earlier Carol had been joined by a very enthusiastic Loraine Warde and between them the nursery has continued expanding ever since.


After a major renovation that involved removal of a fence, re-locating a shed and laying of pavers it was decided to hold an “official opening” and at the same time the nursery should have a name. The name Green Thumbs was chosen because one surprised visitor to the nursery had suggested the volunteers had green thumbs. The opening was in November 2013. Not long after John Warde also joined the team, assuming responsibility for the garden and general maintenance.


The nursery is a wonderful ongoing community effort, with supporters coming from near and far to both the monthly market stall and nursery at The Cottage. Besides purchasing plants they share their knowledge and expertise and donate plants, seed and cuttings for the volunteers to propagate.


These days Green Thumbs Nursery is still being run by Carol, Loraine and John. They are assisted by three to four regular dedicated volunteers and the entire backyard is bursting at the seams with amazing plant varieties! The sense of spirit from those involved in order to care for the longevity of our community is inspirational.



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27 Olympic Street, Girgarre

(03) 5854 6482

Mondays 10am to 1pm

Wednesdays 10am to 1pm


2nd Sunday of each month

Stall located next to the Girgarre Memorial Hall


Loraine Warde 0438 546 237

Carol Ohlin (03) 5854 6371


Presented by Green Thumbs Nursery and Friends of Gargarro Botanical Garden

Sunday 28 October 2018




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