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The community spirit that drives Girgarre came well and truly to the fore again in January. After a year long recess, the Moosic Muster bounced back, albeit in a radically changed format but still with the friendly, inclusive spirit the community is known for. “We were determined, pandemic or no pandemic, that we would bring back our festival in 2022,” Festival Director, Jan Smith said. “We knew there would be many curved balls thrown our way and that our master plan would have to be flexible. It was good thinking on our part because we were easily able to tweak the plan with each toss of the ball. As part of our initial planning we decided to hold as much of the festival outdoors as possible for safety reasons. The reduced number of formal workshops in the program allowed for more casual jams and pop up workshops outside. All contingencies were covered, even the variable weather - and it paid off big-time – the muster was a rip-roaring success. I am absolutely thrilled at the outcome. The plan we have now will see us through many more years to come.”

Campers began to stake their claim on a spot in the reserve early in the week. Shady spots were at a premium and the reserve soon resounded to the sound of music as friends found each other. Everyone, whether a paid up member of the muster or a visitor coming to the many free concerts, responded obligingly to the marshalls checking them in.

The Girgarre Moosic Muster was one of the first music festivals on the eastern seaboard to re-commence following the easing of the lock-downs. A visit from the Victorian Department of Health prior to the start of the festivities reassured Jan and co-organiser, Di Burgmann, that all was well. “They were impressed and very supportive of our master plan,” Di said. “We had all bases covered. It was a terrific boost to our spirits and a huge relief to know our festival was on the right track. We wanted everyone to have a safe and happy festival, and it was. It all went very smoothly.”

Pic shows an innovation for this year, a Camp Choir. The Choir was very popular and joined Duplicity Live in the Saturday Concert and did a flash mob at the Sunday Market.

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